Partnership Management Features


Enjoy a beautiful overview of your giving statistics. We will calculate exactly how many more people you will need to schedule appointments with, who's birthdays are coming up, how many organizations / individuals you have, and so much more!

Supporter Overview

It can be very difficult to figure out who to visit when you have to do some traveling. Let us help you by showing you where your supporters are so you can update your traveling plans accordingly! We'll also tell you updated states about who has given, how many times, and how long they've been partners with you.


We want to make sure you get a full understanding of where each person sits in your giving statistics. That's why we have broken down your giving into ranges! You can also see how many people are leads, continuing givers, etc. And if you've ever been curious of how much you've made this year, you can go right to this page for the total!

Supporter Timeline

Stay up to date with your supporters. Add notes, details, appointments, and call logs to your supporter so you always know where you left off.


See when gifts were given, upcoming birthdays, and notify supporters of their upcoming gifts.

Detailed Reports

Generate detailed reports, export to Microsoft Excel, export to CSV files for usage in your own data software. All of your data is yours.

Supporter Summary

See any changes in giving, supporter summary data, and even giving history for all of your supporters!

Email Summary

Don't like to log in? We will send you email updates according to your preferences! This means that you will be up-to-date without having to manually log in!